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Website / Point of Sale Software Integration Innovation Passes QA Process


The innovative integration between e-commerce sites and our Point of Sale software has passed our stringent QA process. Developed to serve multiple platforms and retail channel requirements, our website / POS software bridge is ready for live in-field testing. This is currently being organised.

As with any software innovation, there is the easy way and the hard way to deliver this vital bridge between two retail operations. We have taken the hard round as it delivers a better outcome to our retail partners.

We will be communicating with our trial site partners in the coming days.

Excellent pool of POS software help desk candidates


We have received applications from many candidates interested in our new help desk role and our advertisement has not even been running for a week.  We triage all applications and only keep those from the very best candidates.  We then put these through a pre-interview screening process designed to further cull the candidate pool.

While time consuming, our pre-interview process results in the best quality candidates presenting for interview.  Our goal is to commence interviews late next week.  We anticipate interviewing up to ten candidates for this role.

By taking time in selecting candidates we are able to find those with the most commitment to customer service and affinity with small business retailers.

Jeweller software helps jewellers drive sales growth


The jeweller software from Tower Systems is helping jewellers in Australia and New Zealand to grow sales thanks to jeweller specific management and reporting tools.  The latest jeweller software delivered access to enhanced facilities developed in direct response to suggestions from jewellers using the software.

From the sales counter to the workshop, jewellers are benefiting from access to excellent facilities designed to improve work flow, management decisions and customer satisfaction.  Jewellers love that they have access to software developed for their specific business needs.

With many retailers expressing concerns about the state of retail, smart jewellers are leveraging business data into a healthier bottom line thanks to smart jeweller specific reporting tools in the Tower systems jeweller software.

Wonderful customer service feedback


We were thrilled to receive an email from a customer a few days ago passing on feedback for one of our team members.  The thanks included…

I just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding the exceptional service of one of your guys.

He was informative, down to earth and really knew his product, and was happy to help us non-tech heads with the installation.

We went ahead the next day and ordered the hardware, and upon its arrival I emailed to see if he was available to help us transition from St George to Tyro. Amazingly within hours he turned up, set up Tyro, and made the transition a smooth one.

Nothing was too much trouble for Paul, he is a rarity and I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are.

Great Customer Service Helps Point of Sale Software Customers Understand Why


why.jpgToo often Point of Sale software help desks take callers through a script designed to explain how to do something with the software. Such a rigid script-based approach often fails to achieve the potential of the support contact.

Here at Tower Systems we do not use scripts on the help desk where we support users of our Point of Sale software. We rely on real conversation, driven by two way discussion with our customers about any issue, question or topic relating to our software.

By eschewing the use of a script we can often find ourselves getting to why: why something is done in the software in a certain way, why the results are the results, why we follow a certain process, why we have a certain standard.

By explaining why we can build understanding and through this deliver better outcomes for our customers when they call our help desk.

Explaining why leads to a deeper and more valuable customer experience.

The more our customers know about our software, the better use they can make of it.