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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.


Advanced jewellery software now in beta


Our advanced jeweller software is now in beta release prior to a full commercial release early in 2011.  This latest software has even better facilities for Lay-By, inventory management, loyalty marketing, customer management, theft control and overall jewellery store management.

We are thrilled with the way this new jeweller software has shaped up, after an extraordinary effort by our software development team and the customers of ours who have been working with them through this project.

With more than 300 jewellers as customers, we understand the importance of taking time to ensure that each update is genuinely useful, thoroughly tested and fully ready prior to commercial release.  Given the transaction size in many locations using our software, the cost of a mistake can be considerable.

We are pleased to count jewellers of all sizes as customers from single owner stores to multi store groups, from one kiosk type stores in malls to high end designer jewellery businesses.  Our jeweller software is broad in its range and comprehensive in its service.

Jewellers looking for new software for their business are welcome to contact us and arrange a face to face or live online demonstration.  We currently serve customers in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacfic region.

Birthday based marketing for retailers


Using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software, retailers can easily market based on customer’s birthdays.

An email, text mesage or letter can be used to provide a gift voucher or some other item designed to bring the customer back to the business.  The ability to harvest the marketing list is part of the marketing tools in our POS software.

In addition to providing birthday and other marketing tools, we help our customers implement campaigns to increase sales from existing customers.  The key to this is understanding what these customers purchase and to know touch-point opportunities.