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Selling a $10,000 item is different to selling a $1.00 item


We have a diverse portfolio of retailers using our Point of Sale software.  From newsagencies selling a newspaper for a dollar through to high-end jewellers selling beautiful designer pieces with a ticket price of well in excess of ten thousand dollars.  Our help desk team can take a call from each of these businesses in a row.  They seamlessly switch between retail situations.  It is a challenge which is embraced by our committed help desk team.

This diversity of customers broadens our perspective and this assists us to create software which is more diverse and useful for all of our customers.

The one dollar sale is all about fast and accurate selling.  The ten thousand dollar sale is all about the sales experience.  Combine the two and you have business facilities which serve the retailer with good shopper throughput and accurate sales tracking while providing the shopper with a professional, well documented and enjoyable experience.

Good Point of Sale software enhances shopper and retailer experiences. We are grateful of the help from our customers which has enabled up to create software which makes them shine.

How to choose Point of Sale software for your retail business


Choosing Point of Sale software can be daunting for any retailer.  Tower Systems makes choosing Point of Sale software easier thanks to easy access to live, in-store, face to face demonstrations as well as online live demonstrations.  We provide those looking at our software with the ability to play with the software, to ensure that it meets their needs.

We also happily share reference site details along with sample reports and other tools and facilities with which to assess our suitability.

The most important step in considering any Point of Sale software is to know your needs.  To guide retailers to determine their needs we have developed a guide to choosing a Point of Sale system.  This helps retailers work out what they want and then to prioritise these wants into some orde5 – to facilitate the selection of the right software for their business.

With more than 2,500 retail outlets as customers, Tower Systems is well prepared to serve retailers with Point of Sale software and to back this up with quality customer support services.

Help for retailers in tough economic times


We were recently approached to help some retailers address their concerns about the tough retail trading conditions being experienced by many. Here is a brief summary of the key points we covered. We share it today in the interests of helping retailers more widely improve their trading situation.

Every retail business needs:

  1. Timely access to accurate business performance data.
  2. A commitment to efficient use of all resources.
  3. A focus on quality fact-based business decisions.

Too often, retail stores in decline or closed have ignored these three key factors.

Good Point of Sale software, used well, can address these and other key goals of any retail operation. Good is the key word. Generic off the shelf POS software is probably not good. If your retail store has specialist needs, or needs which are particular to your channel then you will need software designed for these needs.

Having the right POS software is only part of the battle to save the business though. You need to use the software well otherwise it will store garbage and garbage data will guide you to making the wrong decisions. To use POS software well:

  1. Get suppliers to provide invoices and stock files electronically. Load these into your software without re-typing the information.
  2. Track your sales by scanning everything you sell. This is a must! Retailers who record sales only by a department key are wasting their time.
  3. Track your sales by employees – yes, get them to enter their code for every sale … mistakes will fall as a result.
  4. Place orders for replenishment stock by using your software to do this for you. Stop ordering by a visual review of what is on the shelves or gut feel.
  5. Manage customer theft by doing spot stock takes. Once you know something is being stolen you can work to address this.
  6. Regularly check on employee theft by looking at audit logs and other reports in your software.
  7. Use the software to see what items are not selling as fast as they should. Quit this stock. Slow moving stock is death in retail.
  8. Choose the best two or three reports from the software and produce these weekly. These reports, if your data is good, should help you make better quality, fact based, business decisions. The best reports are those which track sales comparing trading periods by unit sales and revenue, list basket size and enable an easy comparison of supplier performance.
  9. Commit a set amount of time each week to analysing data ans makingbusiness performance data based decisions.

Using your Point of sale system well is the key. It takes discipline from the front counter to the back office, the support of suppliers and vigilance throughout the business. The result is a more efficient, profitable and enjoyable business for the owners, employees and suppliers. Seriously, good software used properly can deliver a genuine turnaround result for a retail business. A modest investment can create a retail business which is profitable for the long term.

If your retail business is doing it tough, look at your POS software in the context of the advice above.