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More newsagents to switch to XChangeIT Link


With the old XChangeIT newsagent EDI platform due for retirement next month, more newsagents are switching to the new platfrom.  The folks from XChangeIT sent out a new communication to newsagents today:

The latest XChangeIT LINK platform has been operating very well for the last 5 weeks and so it is now time for you to upgrade to the new LINK platform.

Some of you are due for renewal in the next month or so anyway, and some who are paid up can get their renewal at no extra cash outlay because we’ll credit you for unused days.

Either way, we are closing the old platform at the end of December, so by renewing now you are getting yourself better prepared for the Christmas season.

Visit the XChangeIT web site and find the link that says “click here to download an instruction pack”.

Simply follow the instructions and it should take under 30 minutes to complete your upgrade.

If you need assistance or have any questions call our support line at 1 300 551 212.

We support and back this move and will help any Tower Newsagent with issues, concerns or questions.