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Australian made POS software and websites for produce / farm supply / stockfeed businesses


Tower Systems is grateful to offer fresh and innovative POS software for produce / farm supply / stockfeed businesses. This software is made for these businesses, offering facilities that serve needs in these businesses that go beyond traditional retail.

From handling freight requirements, to selling in fractions, to managing customer special orders to ensuring correct notification of hazardous materials, our Australian made farm supply and produce POS software is a solution of which we are most proud. Already in use on many of these businesses, this POS software has proven itself to be of value and benefit to this specialty business channel.

Plenty of local small business retailers have had a good Covid. This has been a result of good planning and astute management.

Take selling online. It’s here to stay, and it is growing, rapidly. Doing this through a POS software connected website is smart. We help with both.

We develop and sell specialty produce / farm supply business POS software.

We also develop POS software connected Shopify websites. Check out:

  • Yan Yean Stock Feed:
  • Brindabella Stockfeed:
  • Northside produce:
  • Sprengers Rural Traders:

We developed these websites for businesses using our POS software.

We’d love to find out about your software needs. That’s where it begins. We start with your needs as it’s possible our software is not a good fit for you – we will never push or pitch our software if we feel we’re not the right fit.

To talk to one of our produce / farm supply business software experts, please call 1300 662 957 or email

Here are answers to some of the questions we have been asked about our Produce / Farm Supply / Stockfeed Business Software over the years

When you are ready, we’d love to show you our Produce / Farm Supply / Stockfeed Business Software and through that show you answers to other questions you have.

Can you sell by fractional quantities? Yes, by weight or by measure.

Can you pass on hazardous good information? Yes, you can load files, images, documents or PDFs for products (information sheets, advice, notices) and have them automatically included in emailed receipts.

We sell on the road, is there a mobile version? Yes, our Retailer RoamTM option is perfect for selling from anywhere.

Does the software work with and easily load supplier provided electronic invoices? Yes, including: Airr, Eastern Distributors, Premier Pet, Master Pet, Kongs and Pet Pacific.

Can you manage breaking up bulk products and selling at smaller quantities? Yes, you can receive product in bulk and break it into smaller selling packs.

Can you manage creating your own custom feed bags using multiple products whilst keeping track of qty on hand figures? Yes, you can take a number of items, mix them and then bag up your own product made from them.

Can you set specific pricing for special groups of customers ie trade customers? Yes.

Can you manage quotes? Yes, you can create quotes and then turn them into sales if they proceed.

Can you manage deliveries? Yes, the software has a couple of ways of doing this.

Will the system print picking slips for local deliveries? Yes.

Are the stock labels the system produces weatherproof? Yes, as long as you purchase our weatherproof label stock.

Can you handle repairs and servicing of machinery like mowers etc? Yes, repairs facilities included with the software track repairs, parts used, labour used and advising the customer the item is ready to collect.

Can you reach back out to customers you remind them of previous seasons they purchased in?Yes, you can select customers for marketing past on a range of criteria, including past purchases.

Does the system handle account customers? Yes, you can setup and manage customer accounts.

Does the system produce invoicing and statements? Yes, these can be printed or emailed.

Can I offer a special price to members of a club? Yes.

Can I share local information such as seasonal crop care?  Yes, on receipts.

Can I remind customers about equipment servicing? Yes.

Can I do this by text or email? Either, we support both.

Helping local small business retailers come out of lockdown


Through Covid, Tower Systems has been helping its POS software customers in a range of ways from establishing easy click and collect to easy access from home to pivoting to new product categories.

Now, with lockdown starting to ease in our two biggest states in Australia, Tower Systems has been helping local small business retailers coming out of lockdown, while at the same time helping businesses that have been open throughout deal with changes flowing from others coming out of lockdown.

The help being provided to POS software customers by Tower Systems ranges from the practical to the high level advice kind. It is based on experience across our retail customer community.

Businesses that have been in lockdown have challenges around inventory – both in-store and due to arrive from suppliers. We have a set of advice and guidance designed to consistently manage these situations.

Take in-store inventory, some of it could be considered old. We help identify it and through this guide business decisions that can be made.

Take pipeline product, product due to come to the business. Using accurate and current data, a business can fine tune their focus on new inventory and pick up on opportunities that are new, as a result of coming out of lockdown.

In some situations, locked down businesses open with click and collect that they may not have offered before. We provide advice and help with this, including making shopping online for click and collect easier.

Coming out of lockdown is an opportunity to recast the business, to reset the offer and provide a new focus not only for customers but for all who work in the business. The foundation of any recasting could be laid using evidence from business data curated through the POS software. We can help with this as well.

Tower Systems has helped many local retail businesses through Covid and coming out of lockdown in the past. The services we provide in terms of practical business advice are free for any of our customers, part of the local small business help we are grateful to provide.

The next few months will be challenging for many. Tower Systems is here to help and support as much as we are able.

Repairs software helps retailers offering repairs to manage


If you offer repairs services in your retail business, the repairs management software offered by Tower Systems as part of its POS software solution could prove ideal for managing repairs for your business and for the customer experience.

We have worked in the repairs software space for decades, serving the needs of these businesses to manage data related too repairs, from the moment they arrive in the business to the moment of pickup and payment. Our approach is structured, certain.

Here is a new video we shot in which we explore some of the features and benefits of our POS software integrated repairs software:

Jewellers, bike shops, scooter businesses, music shops, fishing and outdoors shops, farm supply businesses and more all use the repairs facilities to help them manage customer repairs.

Some of the functions our specialist retail software’s repair features are being used for include:

  • In Jewellers: Jewellery and watch workshop repairs, dated manufacturing.
  • In Bike Shops: Bicycle and tricycle repairs, warranty returns.
  • In Garden Centres: Landscaping services management.
  • In Firearms Stores: Gunsmithy and equipment repairs, warranty returns.
  • In Pet Shops: Aquarium installations.

Using the repairs facilities in our POS software, local small business retailers can bring certainty to managing labour and inventory used in undertaking a repair. They can do this in a small or large workshop. They can also manage repairs done outside the business.

Tower Systems through this specialty retail POS software streamlines the repairs process, facilitates good communication and helps bring management certainty to the overall repairs process in any business. It helps local independent businesses provide the kind of professional, personal and efficient repairs services that major corporate stores and online-only offerings can only dream of.

Serving a number of specialist retail channels gives Tower Systems the opportunity to provide more comprehensive and flexible repairs/job/manufacturing management software. What we learn from the diversity of businesses we serve is insightful. Our customers continue to provide feedback and influence the development and support of this software feature, from firearms stores to bike shops and more.

If you do repairs in your retail business, the Tower Systems repairs facilities are worth reviewing to see if they could serve your needs.

Aussie made POS software for produce / farm supply businesses helps them serve their local communities


You can’t get more local than a local produce / farm supply / stockfeed business.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve this unique retail channel with produce business POS software. First released some years ago, the software is updated several times a year, often including enhancements suggested by customers keen for new facilities. This keeps it fresh, useful and valuable. It helps these businesses serve their local communities.

Our produce business POS software nurtures many benefits, including:

  1. Quote and invoice management. Strong, flexible, fit for purpose.
  2. Customer delivery management options.
  3. Sell from anywhere, anytime option through Retailer RoamTM.
  4. Trade pricing profiles supporting pricing flexibility for your customers.
  5. Customer account management: Professional and accurate control.
  6. Sell by weight, including fractions.
  7. Bagging up feed. Bag feed into smaller packs, with accurate stock data.
  8. Pre-orders – pre-sell stock and be ahead of the game.
  9. Special orders – easily manage special customer orders.
  10. Genuinely informative receipts. You control design and detail.
  11. Colour / size / style. Track what you sell at a granular level.
  12. Awesome loyalty through which you can easily differentiate.
  13. Seasonal reordering. Easily reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.
  14. Weatherproof labels.
  15. Electronic supplier invoice support – cut mistakes and save time.
  16. Easy Shopify website integration.


Rent our produce business POS software for $199.00 a month, giving you:

  1. Australian developed and supported produce business POS software.
  2. Unlimited computer licences for your location.
  3. Software updates as we release them.
  4. Shopify / Magento / Woo link. Easily sell online from your POS software.
  5. Xero link. Easing bookkeeping costs and streamlining accounting.
  6. Our OzBiz link. This helps you link to MYOB and Quicken through OzBiz.
  7. Tyro link – safe, fast and easy EFTPOS link for streamlined sales.
  8. Eftpos link … easy EFTPOS processing for the major banks.
  9. Easy buy now pay later
  10. Support – help desk access to our team of specialists.
  11. Top-up training – unlimited one-on-one training over the phone.
  12. User documentation. Access to our searchable knowledge base.

Beyond the software, here are features of a relationship with Tower Systems…

  • We are local. Local matters in local communities. Tower Systems is Australian owned, developed and supported. Call us and a human answers the phone.
  • Our training is personal, in your business. We think people learn better from face to face training.
  • Unlimited free training. Long after you install the software, ask for free top-up training and all we will organise it.
  • New customer care. All new customers have a separate specialist team with which they connect, to ease settling-in.
  • Customers guide our software enhancement. We offer a transparent, democratic, process for guiding software update content.
  • Produce business specific. This software is developed for your type of business.
  • In the cloud or in-store. You choose where the software runs.
  • Rent or buy. You choose how to acquire and fund the software.
  • We help with business performance analysis and theft checks, services where we take a deep dive into your data and provide confidential insights.
  • Every customer has the direct contact details for our leadership team for easy and safe escalation of any query.
  • No pressure. You buy when you are ready.
  • Retail group engagement. Groups and members of groups have opportunities for group level customisation website sales and more.
  • It’s personal. Retail is personal. This is why we prefer to train you in your shop. Yes, we said this above. We say it again as it is a differentiator.

Why newsagents need the newsagency software from Tower Systems and why it matters


Australian newsagency businesses  are going through considerable change and have been for years. Except that here in 2021, change has picked up pace. These classic local retail businesses are confronting not only economic change others see but also changes driven by some of their unique suppliers.

Tower Systems helps newsagents navigate change. It’s something we have been doing for many years, as a result of our years of service of this vital local small business retail channel. We do this through our specialty newsagency software, which has been chosen by more newsagents than all other newsagency software combined.

Serving close to 1,800 newsagency businesses, this is the industry standard software for retail, magazine management, putaways, Epay integration, Tabcorp integration and more, including plenty that is exclusive to our newsagency software.

Here are 5 key reasons to consider our newsagency software …

  1. Being current matters. We meet connectivity standards including Indue welfare card, digital receipts, Epay, TitlePage, theLott, XchangeIT, Tyro, the banks, Newspower catalogues, GNS, Xero and more. Save time, cut mistakes and cultivate better business data.
  2. You can bank on loyalty. Our fresh and successful approach to loyalty can help you drive a deeper basket and bring people back sooner.
  3. Safe decisions make for a better P&L. While following your gut can see you catch wins, safe decisions, those based on the data, are bankable. From data feeds from suppliers through your POS to accounting software, we help you nurture data for the safe decisions.
  4. Not every shopper will walk past your door. A seamless connection between your software and a website can help you sell to people you will never meet. We develop websites for newsagents. Check out,, and
  5. You are a key asset. You and the people in your business are a differentiator to big business competitors. Our software helps you sell you in smart and engaging ways.

We are the only newsagency software company to own and run newsagencies, which we have done since February 1996. Here are 6 reasons to consider our newsagency software …

  1. Exclusive smart card reporting Embedded in our software is category / segment level reporting that newsagents are using to grow card sales 25% and more. That’s money in the bank.
  2. You can bank on loyalty. Our fresh and successful approach to loyalty can help you drive a deeper basket and bring people back sooner.
  3. Safe decisions make for a better P&L. From data feeds from suppliers through to Xero, we help you nurture data for the safe decisions.
  4. Not every shopper will walk past your door. A seamless connection between your software and a beautiful website can help you sell to people you will never meet. We develop websites for newsagents.
  5. Easily accessed personal service. A key reason 4 times more newsagents have chosen Tower than any other software is customer service. We are here for you, with you, every day.
  6. Current software. Current technology. Fresh, current design.

Our software costs $185.00 a month to rent. For on as many computers as you need in the business – no extra cost per computer.

There is no extra charge for support or updates. It’s all included.

How can we do this? We serve more newsagents than all other software companies combined. We leverage our size to save you money.

Charity boxed Christmas cards popular this year


Charity boxed Christmas cards are proving to be popular as people prepared for Christmas this year. Featuring the designs of many Australian artists, these cards not only do good for local charities, they also help support local Australian artists.

Boxed Christmas cards are good value for many reasons. The cost per card is lower, they support local Australian charities. They support artists, often Australian artists. And, often, they are printed here in Australia.

We are grateful to have created the MyOrnaments website as part of our POS software connected Shopify work.  At MyOrnaments, charity boxed Christmas cards are for sale, making these wonderful Christmas treats widely available.

Our work brought to life online what was already being sold in a retail store. Now these wonderful boxed Christmas cards are more widely available. And, they are easily found through Google.

Businesses buy boxed Christmas cards for sending to clients as well as to staff. Community groups buy boxed Christmas cards for thanking those who support them.

Supporting many different Australian charities, the boxed Christmas cards you will find at MyOrnaments are diverse not only in style and editorial but also in charity support. This range of choice is appreciated by customers and also by those who will receive the cards.

This year we anticipate more Christmas cards will be sent as people connect in different ways due to Covid. There are more people to thank and appreciate, too. This is where charity boxed Christmas cards can help and where the website we developed for MyOrnaments can help. At this website you will currently find more than 132 different packs of charity boxed Christmas cards. This is a big and diverse range from which to choose. Most packs has two different designs available, too.

Managing inventory, connecting to the POS, calculating freight and handling special price point offers is part of what Tower Systems has created at the MyOrnaments shop and part of what brings the charity boxed Christmas card 0ffer to life. We are proud to have this website as part of our calling card mix of websites we have developed, to show the comprehensive nature of what we  offer.

7 ways our Aussie made and supported POS software helps local small business retailers


Here at Tower Systems we are an Aussie POS software company serving more than 3,000 local specialty retailers. Having switched many from other software, here are the top 7 benefits we offer compared to overseas product.

  1. Made for your market. Our software is made for here, not for an overseas market and then modified to suit here.
  2. Local support. Our entire help desk team understands how local retail works.
  3. You influence us. We’re local. You’re local. Your needs help us grow. We have a transparent platform through which our customers suggest and vote on software enhancements.
  4. Easy contact. You can call, email or even visit (when restrictions permit). Direct contact with us is easy – at all levels of our business.
  5. We are retailers too. We bought our first shop in 1996 to give us a walking in the shoes of our customers experience. We still own and run shops today, and we learn every day from this experience.
  6. Free workshops. We host regular free customer workshops where you can talk directly with our software developers.
  7. Free training. One thing retailers told us years ago was that they wanted easy access to top-up training. We provide access to unlimited one-on-one training for our customers.

We are a small POS software company. All of our customers are small business retailers. This means we are not dominated by any one customer. It also means that our focus truly is on local small business retail. Your needs do interest us.

To catch a look at our Aussie made and supported POS software, click on any marketplace listed below for a video of a recent brief demonstration:

If we can help, please call 1300 662 957 or email

Thank you for reading and considering our locally made and supported POS software. The local Australian IT sector appreciates you for this consideration. Oh, and thank you for shopping local. Local retailers appreciate this too.

Is our POS software right for your local community?


The question we are asking today may sound a bit obscure, but it is 100% relevant to local small business retail.

Is our POS software right for your local community?

We pose the question to retailers considering POS software because embedded in the question is the bigger question abut what is right for your local community.

If you pitch shop local at all in promoting your business in-store or on social media then this question is key for you, because in calling for your local community to shop local you would want to back this up with your own shop local approach to your business decisions.

Is our POS software right for your local community?  This question is all about shop local – for our POS software is locally made and supported for local specialty retailers. We have competitors in the marketplace that are overseas businesses with overseas software developers and overseas help desk people.

Shop for POS software with us and you are supporting local IT. This is why we like the question Is our POS software right for your local community?  If shopping local matters to your local community then that is a factor in the software you choose.

Of course, you need to choose software that is right for your business and the software company that is right for your business. But, if after all your research it is us and someone else and Tower Systems, being local could be the factor that is the differentiator because our situation aligns with your situation, our value proposition aligns with your value proposition. These are factors when shop local matters to your local community.

We are proud to support local software innovation and to develop local IT skills. These are things that are important for Australia and our small software business plays a role in this.

Is our POS software right for your local community?  Only you can know the answer to this question. Today, we hope that our words were useful in your consideration as to the right POS software for your business.

Tower Systems is a specialty retail focussed POS software company. We are grateful to serve more than 3,000 local small business retailers across a broad range of specialty retail channels.

Is our POS software right for your retail team members?


In any local retail businesses, it is the people in the business who really make the business stand out, it is in the people working in the business that valuable differentiation can be found.

The right staff members can make or break a shop.

This is why we ask Is our POS software right for your retail team members? when we are talking with a retail business owner about our POS software. It’s a serious question, an important question, a question that helps local small business retailers in their assessment not only of Tower Systems but of any other POS software company they are considering.

In considering this, Is our POS software right for your retail team members? it is important to understand what your retail; business team members want out of POS software. It could be they have needs beyond what the business owner knows. It could be that they see opportunity beyond what the business does today. Including them in the POS software evaluation and consideration process brings them along, gives them some stake in the ultimate decision that is made.

Here at Tower Systems, when we demonstrate our Pos software, we record it, with your permission. We then share the link too the video so you can share it with your team members, so they can learn about our POS software and consider for themselves whether our Tower Systems POS software is right for them, and through that, right for your business.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our POS software to your team members, so they can see the software in action, touch it and feel it. We often learn from these situations, which we love.

Front line retail team members know a lot about the business in which they work and its customers. Tapping into that knowledge is valuable for us and in our consideration of what we can develop in our POS software as we expand its reach.

So, we care about the question Is our POS software right for your retail team members?, a lot. We ask it ourselves and encourage small business retailers considering partnering with us to ask this too. In doing this we are able to nurture more valuable and appreciated partnerships. And, the businesses we say we are not the right fit to benefit as well.

Tower Systems makes and supports POS software for local specialty retailers.

Is our POS software right for your local retail business customers?


This is a serious question: Is our POS software right for your local retail business customers?

Today’ we’d like to explore why this is a serious question, an important question, a question every local retailer could ask themselves.

Is our POS software right for your local retail business customers?

Retail businesses exist to serve their customers. This is especially true for local retail businesses, small retail businesses, specialty retail businesses. If your POS software doe snobs help you in this mission, it may not be the right POS software for you. that does not make it bad POS softwares just, maybe, not right for your business.

The right POS software for your customers is software that serves their needs for us you are able to well serve the needs of your businesses you will find success for your business.

This is why when considering POS software for your business it is good to ponder this question that we ask ourselves when talking with a sales prospect: Is our POS software right for your local retail business customers?

We want to understand your business and how it serves customers and how you think it could even better serve customers. We then consider your answers in the context of what we know that our POS software offers. Once we have this information, we can form our own view as to whether our POS software helps you serve your customers. If we don’t think our POS software does this, we will say so.

Good POS software for your retail business helps you serve customers how, when and where they want. It gives them the information they want. It helps you reach out at the right time to customers. It helps your customers enjoy your business more. It helps you provide the value-add that your customers will love and through which they will want to visit your more frequently.

Is our POS software right for your local retail business customers? Only you can know this for sure. Our desire is to help you discover what we can do and how we can do it so that your decision is fully informed.Now, if all this feels too complex, remember that the right POS software will deliver more financial and emotional value for your business than you expect. It’s the measure twice cut once rule. Time spent now on a question like this can help you avoid a mistake.

Tower Systems builds and supports specialty POS software for local specialty retailers.

Is our POS software right for you?


Yes, you, we are asking you. This is a personal question directed at local retailers, small business retailers.

Is our POS software right for you?

We think this is a question any local retail business owner needs to answer for themselves prior to purchasing POS software, prior to making that decision for themselves.

Yes, it is a personal decision, like any vital and important decision you make about the business.

You have to feel good abut the decision. It has to feel right. It has to fit. It has to be the decision you are comfortable and happy with.

We say, take your time, research thoroughly, be sure of what you want, be sure of the people you will deal with. It’s your business after all and every decision you take in and about the business is a reflection on you. This is why we say the decision about the best POS software for your local retail business is likely to be a personal decision for you.

Is our POS software right for you?

We are not seeking to be combative or offensive in asking the question. rather, our goal is to help you make the decision that best serves your own needs for if they are served then the POS software you choose will serve the needs of the business as well. It starts as a personal decision and evolves into a business decision.

The way to answer the question Is our POS software right for you? is by being personally involved, looking at software, talking to people from the company, talking to existing customers, being sure about your needs and being sure about your ultimate decision. If you are not sure, don’t rush, there is no hurry – expect sometimes from the software sales person who is chasing a target. We will not pressure here at Tower Systems – we are here for the long haul. make your decision when it is right for you.

So, Is our POS software right for you? We hope so. But, if it is not, we will wish you all the best. We may even suggest other POS software to consider.

Tower Systems makes specialty POS software for selected niche retail channels. Our focus is on local small business retail.

Is our POS software right for your local retail business?


It’s the big question for any retail business owner considering POS software for their business. Is the POS software they are considering right for their business?

How can they know?

How can they be sure?

Plenty of POS software sales people will say it is. Here at Tower Systems we will not. We think the question as to which POS software is best for your business is a question you need to answer for yourself.

We do ask it ourselves, though, throughout the sales process.

We ask ourselves: Is our POS software right for your local retail business?

It’s important that we form a view. The last thing we want is to sell our POS software into a situation it is not a good fit for. If we think our POS software is not a good fit for your retail business, we will say so. Life is too short to chase every sale regardless of the value it offers a retail business.

We determine if our POS software is a good fit for your business by asking questions, lots of questions. We want to know what’s important to your business, what keeps it running, where you want improvement, why you are looking for POS software and what POS software must have for it to be considered.

Yeah, we ask lots of questions, and in doing that we help you firm up your own views as to what matters to you and your business. We have had many sales prospects tell us they love this process and how we help them better understand their needs.

But back to the question on our minds: s our POS software right for your local retail business? We look at your needs, what your business does, what our software does and discuss it through, to form a view. Once we know what we think, we discuss it with you.

Sometimes, when we tell a local retail business owner that we do not think our POS software is a good fit for them, they are frustrated. Usually, once we explain why, they either suggest changes to their business or thank us and move on.

Transparency is key all through this. We benefit from it and so do those considering our POS software.

Tower Systems develops specialty retail POS software for a range of specialty retail channels.

Beautiful POS software connected Shopify websites help local small business retailers find new shoppers online

Now, not to brag, here are some of the Tower POS software connected websites our awesome web dev. team has developed:

  1. Avalon Nursery –
  2. Berry Newsagency (Books n Gifts) –
  3. Bear Essence –
  4. Making Spirits Bright –
  5. Seaspray Jewellery –
  6. Gippy Cycles –
  7. IT Warehouse –
  8. Sportfishing Scene –
  9. Northside Produce Agency –
  10. NXP Leven (Serenity Home & Gifts) –
  11. Reservoir Newsagency (The Shop Nxt Door) –
  12. Camping World Dalby –
  13. Randall’s Newsagency (Back O Bourke Collective) –
  14. Peppercorn Gifts & Homewares –
  15. NXP Highlands Market Place (Highlands Gifts & Plush) –
  16. The Shop, University of Newcastle  –
  17. The Petfood Warehouse –
  18. H Rehfisch & Co –
  19. Sprengers Rural Traders –

There are many more than these. We have also developed websites that connect multiple retail outlets.

To help customers keen for a Shopify website we have just launched a trial of a 12 month interest free payment plan for new Shopify website development. This is for new websites ordered from now. Our sales team can explain this to you but essentially it is 12 monthly payments of $550.00. The site goes live as soon as you and your data are ready. The payment plan is designed to help you smooth out your cashflow. To consider a Shopify site developed by us, please email

How Tower Systems has been helping NSW and ACT businesses through the challenging Covid lockdown


When the lockdowns in NSW and the ACRT were announced, Tower Systems reached to local small business retailers with practical help on how to work on their businesses with minimal cost, to make the businesses more valuable today and, especially, post lockdown.

Through a carefully created offer, we pitched practical help that included free advice with ideas that could be implemented without any outlay through to more commercial engagement that made our specialty retail POS software more affordable.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company. We make POS software for specialty retailers: jewellers, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, gift shops, garden centres, bike shops, bookshops, pet shops, toy shops, fishing & outdoors shops, music shops, sewing shops, mobility scooter businesses.

At our website,, you can see a video for each specialty retail marketplace we serve.

For a personal demonstration, please email or call Tim or Justin on 1300 662 957.

We are grateful to serve 3,500 local specialty retailers with our locally made and supported POS software.

Rent from a few dollars a day.

You can rent our software for a few dollars a day with no extra cost for more computers. Software rental includes:

  • Software updates.
  • Software support, human based support by our own team of retail specialists.
  • Extra training when you need it.

And, in our POS software, you have access to our Xero link, MYOB link, EFTPOS links for major banks, Tyro EFTPOS link, Zip, Humm and Afterpay access for buy now pay later, Shopify integration as well as Woo and Magento.

Plus, we have awesome loyalty tools, smart reporting, easy importing of electronic invoices and a pathway for converting from other software.

Limited time offer: $1,000 off training and setup package.

We charge for the two and a half days of training, setup and tailoring of software settings for your specific business. Right now, for NSW and ACT retailers we offer $1,000 off. This limited offer is put to respect the challenges you’re facing right now.

To find out more, please email or call 1300 662 957.

This Covid lockdown offer was embraced by plenty of business owners keen to work on their businesses. We re grateful to be able to help.

7 ways the small business POS software from Tower Systems is valuably unique


Not all POS software is the same. There are companies, like Tower Systems, that invest in creating unique POS software to serve niche needs of specialty retailers. In doing this, for example, for jewellers, we have created facilities that serve the needs of other specialty retail channels.

Good POS software is living, evolving … to meet evolving retail needs. This is what we do, constantly evolve the software based on needs expressed and voted on by customers.

No, not all POS software is the same. There is generic off the shelf and, then, there is specialty POS software for specialty retailers.

Here are 7 unique ways the POS software from Tower Systems helps small business retailers to run more successful and enjoyable businesses:

  1. Loyalty customers love. Too often, loyalty software is all about the retailer. While we get that it has to work for the retailer, it, first of all, has to be loved by shoppers. That is what we deliver, and shoppers respond well as a result.
  2. Seasonally adjust. Seasons matter in retail. A challenge for some is that seasons move. Using our POS software you can adjust for this and be sure of how the business is performing, so you can easily compare and plan.
  3. A leverage-me platform that allows you to leverage intellectual property unique to you as well as to your business, through which you can pitch your knowledge. You do matter. This is a genuinely differentiating opportunity as it is about you.
  4. A no overhead, easily understood and sales driving loyalty solution that you can turn on in seconds and have delivering sales results today. This is smart loyalty, innovative and designed for today’s shopper. It does not leverage legacy loyalty that shoppers are sick of and that supermarkets continue to use.
  5. Seamless online with easy flowing inventory detail and image data between the POS software and Shopify thanks to smart and engaging integration for in-store, online and click and collect sales supported by many payment options including several buy now pay later options.
  6. Sell anywhere thanks to Retailer RoamTM, the on the road POS solution from the shop floor, at local markets, from a truck or from the roadside. This innovative, cloud based, solution is smart, engaging and ready for the new normal of 2020 and beyond.
  7. An access from anywhere insights platform that is your own personal business insights tool, shining a light on a pathway of data that reveals insights into your business andkopens you to considering opportunities ahead.

In the POS software from Tower Systems retailers have access to many opportunities, many more than the 7 listed here, opportunities through which the businesses can more efficiently operate and can reach more new traffic shopper opportunities.

10 ways the Tower Systems POS software is helping gift shops deal with pandemic challenges


Gift shop retailers using the Tower Systems POS software have at their disposal a proven suite of tools and facilities with which to combat the blues which seem to surround so many retailers at the moment.

By engaging with the marketing and management tools in the Point of sale software, retailers can expect to cut costs, increase sales and drive bottom-lime profit.

These claims are more than a sales pitch.   For no additional cost, local small business retailers can drive more profitable and more valuable business outcomes … and turnaround what may be a tough retail situation.

Using the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems, retailers can expect to:

  1. Cut costs.  Thanks to electronic invoicing, the cost of processing new stock is lower than with manual processes.  This can help cut your labour bill.
  2. Increase sales #1: reward customers.  A good loyalty program works.  Not like FlyBys which is of dubious financial value to customers.  No, a serious loyalty program which guides your customers to spend more money with you.  I have see stores grow sales by 10% on the back of a well constructed loyalty program,  a good POS software package will run this for you, points and all.
  3. Increase sales #2: easy lay-by.  Lay-by run properly and using technology can be highly profitable.  The software can manage the rules and ensure that your shop operates as professionally as a national retailer.  You set your own rules and the software manages the paperwork.
  4. Increase sales: market to your customers.  A coupon on your receipts, an email newsletter, a printed newsletter or up-sell script at the sales counter for staff – these are all ways you can use your point of sale system to help guide your existing customers to spend more money with you.
  5. Increase sales #5.  Connect with a local charity.  Use your gift shop software to make it easy for a local charity to promote your retail business shop and raise money for themselves at the same time.  Each sale earned for you by the charity can be tracked so that you are able to reward them with an accurate donation at the end of the campaign.
  6. Make better business decisions.  Bu buying only stock which works for you or seeing exactly what customers buy with what you are able to make business decisions which are more likely to drive better business results.
  7. Sell your own gift cards.  If a customer cannot find what they want in your shop you could sell them a professional looking gift card with a unique barcode allocated to that card.  This way they money they put on the card is used in your business.
  8. Cut mistakes.  Mistakes in retail can be expensive.  By using smart retail management software, you can and should expect to cut mistakes.  This is because it takes fewer keystrokes per sale.  This reduces the opportunity for mistakes.  The saving could add as much as a full percentage point to your bottom line.
  9. Cut theft.  Theft in retail in Australia was running at between 3% and 5% of turnover.  Thanks to tight controls around employees and better tracking of stock theft, you can expect to cut the cost of theft.  Every $1 cut in theft is a $1 on your bottom line.
  10. Handle special orders.  Using software you can place orders for specific customers.  The software can even sent a text message to the customer’s mobile phone when their special order comes if.  Talk about customer service!

The most important way you can grow your business in a tough marketplace is doing what you probably do best – providing cheerful and knowledgeable customer service.  You can do this and your employees can do this if you hand over some of your administrative tasks to your software.

It is easy to get drawn to the doom and gloom of the times and through this to lose focus on your business.  This trap must be avoided at all costs … for the sake of the business and all who rely on the business from customers to employees to owners.

By using tools freely available in your Point of Sale software you can find sales, find time and find margin which may have eluded you to this point.

Small business retail advice: make your shop more valuable


Too often small business retailers focus on the sale of their business as their pay day without actually acting, every day, to ensure that day delivers the best value for them.

Every day in any local small retail business there are decisions that can be made, steps that can be taken that nurture more value from the business. These steps, most of which cost little or nothing to implement, can have long-term gains for the profit and loss of a retail business.

We see this in our work with more than 3,000 local small business retailers. We see the value of good moves. We see the costs of inaction.

Thinking about this, what we see, here is a list of 10 things any local small business retailer could do in their business to drive value today and, more importantly, value tomorrow when they choose to sell their business.

This list is in order of the value we see being achieved in local small retail businesses that act on these things.

  1. Deal with old stock. Old stock is worthless to you and anyone being the business. Keeping it is a waste of space, time and cash. This work starts with you knowing what is old stock – our POS software helps with this.
  2. Trim the roster. Labour costs around 11% of revenue. Every dollar saved is a dollar that benefits the P&L. Yes, this likely means more hours for owners … but you have to ask yourself about your focus as to when you want your pay day.
  3. Review opening hours. Often in business data we see opening hours opportunities – either for longer hours or shorter hours. be guided by your business data.
  4. Clean up online. Be easily found. Review your Facebook, Google and other listings. Make sure they are current for if they are not it reflects poorly on the business.
  5. Declutter. An appealing looking business is easier to sell. On the shop floor, at the counter, in the back room – declutter and make the business more appealing to you, prospective buyers and customers.
  6. Review unprofitable activity. Look carefully at each category of product or service you offer. Get to an accurate understanding of the value of each. Consider quitting those that are under performing.
  7. Price for margin. While plenty of retailers pressure suppliers for lower prices, too few actively consider what they could sell some items for, missing the opportunity for a better margin. Where you can, price for a better margin.
  8. Document. Write up your processes, systems you follow and more. Document this and make the business easier to run and appear easier to run. The documenting process itself is likely to lead to efficiency opportunities uncovered. The resulting documentation will make the business more appealing.
  9. Reduce debt. We see too many retail businesses where debt is used with an expectation that it will be dealt with when the business is sold. Clean it up now as much as you are able. The less interest you pay the more money the business makes.
  10. Balance sheet clean up. While selling a retail business will often not include selling the company structure, the tidiness of your balance sheet may not be ideal for that time you do come to sell. It’s better you discover this and work on it prior to needing to.

This advice is part of the regular advice Tower Systems provides its customers.

Another POS software TV commercial from Tower Systems


We are grateful to be able to be on air, on national Prime7 TV stations with this new TV commercial. This is the second TVC we have running right now. Thank you to the team that has put this together and made raising our voices possible through this campaign.