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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for computer shops helps local IT businesses serve local customers


Our POS software for computer shops helps these local and loved specialty IT businesses better serve their customers thanks to a range of specialty tools built into the software, tools that help these businesses more efficiently and successfully serve the needs of their customers.

Let’s get into it.

Our POS software for computer shops helps these businesses …

  • Track stock, including small computer parts.
  • Manage special customer orders.
  • Manage and track a computer build from parts through to labour to completion.
  • Manage computer repairs.
  • Track and manage serial numbers.
  • Offer loyalty for shoppers who shop infrequently.
  • Track customer call backs for service visits.
  • Encourage sales by offering club pricing support.

This is POS software made for computer shops, bringing certainty, structure and smooth workflow to these local businesses that provide specialist IT products in their local communities.

We often see local computer shops running general POS software when they could more usefully benefit from POS software that is more closely aligned with the needs of the business.

Computer shops that handle special orders for customers will find the pre-order, lay-by, customer special orders and other related facilities useful as they can help you capture business long before you have the goods in the shop.

Computer shops that quote for business will find the unique quote and invoice management tools useful as it is designed specifically for that service. This reimagined facility was developed with businesses that do a lot of quotation related work.

The Tower Systems computer shop POS software has been tuned to the needs of computer shops. We are grateful today to note that we have plenty of customer in this specialty retail niche of computer shops. They guide our enhancement program and help us to continue to evolve our computer shops software solution to be of more value today than it was last release and the release before that. Many of our customers were surprised at some things we do, helping them to expand what they offer from their businesses.

This is what local POS software companies like Tower Systems do, constantly improve their POS software to evolve the value it provides.

Our local computer shop POS software is worth a look if you are in this retail channel. We’d love to show it to you.

By Mark