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What is a POS system and how can it help my retail business


A POS system is software that helps a retail business manage sales, manage stock and more. A POS system is a solution for a range of challenges in running a retail business.

A good POS system is one that serves the needs of the business, offers facilities that play into and serve the unique needs of the business … because different types of retail businesses have different needs.

If you go for a generic POS system, you will only get generic facilities and specialty retail businesses often need much more than generic solutions.

It is also called a POS system because in addition to the POS software there are processes to follow, guidance of which to be aware. These things make it a system, a collection of processes, advice, data points and software combining to make it a system, to ensure it offers value to the retail business in which it is used.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company that develops software for retailers. Our software, our POS software is a good POS system for each of the types of retail businesses using the software. Tower Systems backs the POS software with training, support, advice and data access to make it a system, a POS system. This is the solution, the POS system  for garden centres, bike shops, jewellers, toy shops, bookshops, landscape gardeners, music shops, newsagents, farm supply businesses, produce businesses, charity shops, serving shops, haberdashery and fabric shops, pet shops and more.

This is specialty retail software backed with training and support that makes it ideal for each of these niche businesses – that’s what small business owners using this POS software say.

From helping to manage dy to day operational workflow in a retail shop to managing business data to uncovering opportunities that otherwise may have been missed, our POS system provides a business more than is common in the POS software space – including helping you to transact with suppliers.

Beyond the day to day of transacting sales, the Tower Systems POS system uncovers opportunities, revealing data that can guide better quality business decisions … and this is our goal, to help local small business retailers make better business decisions, to make their businesses more valuable.

Business value matters in small business retail because for many small business retailers value is only realised when it comes time to sell the business. Our software helps leverage opportunities daily, thanks to smart reporting and insights brought to the fore through our POS software.

Tower Systems offers help to retailers to systemise their use of the POS software, to maximise value. We do this based on decades of experience, leveraging the wonderful knowledge shared by so many of our customers – for which we are sincerely grateful.

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By Mark