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When a supplier sees the light…


It is a thrill to lead a wholesaler to retailers in a channel in which we have a Point of Sale software solution from a manual paper based warehouse system to the world of scanning, electronic invoices and EDI files for customers.

This is what we are working on right now.  The excitement of the warehouse team is palpable as the business contemplates the move.  It’s a big challenge as the practices of this business are rooted in the 1970s.  That’s not a criticism, far from it.  The business is extremely well run and well supported by its customers.  But it’s time for a change.

By bringing technology to the warehouse, the business will be able to streamline its operation, make better buying decisions, bring on more retailers and provide overall better service.  The operational and financial benefits will be considerable.  We suspect that the employee benefits will be the most appreciated.

Australia has many warehouses like this, on the smaller side, operating with manual processes which are holding them back.  Our Point of Sale software has facilities which can help in a range of warehouse and wholesale situations.

We love helping any business, retail or wholesale, improve business efficiency and unlock greater business enjoyment.

Helping gift wholesalers and gift retailers improve the supply chain


The supply chain between wholesaler and retailer in the gift channel has challenges. The number and size of businesses on both sides of the supply transaction doing business difficult. More than half of all gift wholesales are small businesses with limited infrastructure. This holds them back from growth.

On the retail side, there is little sales performance data available to help guide the buying decisions of wholesalers.

Tower Systems, through its Point of Sale software, is helping gift wholesalers and gift retailers to resolve these and other gift supply chain issues. We are bringing efficiency, accuracy and consistency to a channel which until now has been dominated by manual processes.

Our retail and wholesale solutions bring to the gift channel better business tools to save time and improve certainty to both sides of the gift supply transaction.

Our software helps gift retailers track sales, track supplier performance, generate replenishment orders for suppliers and feed sales data to gift wholesalers.

Wholesalers can use our software to manage customer orders and create invoices in an electronic form.

By making the gift channel more efficient, we are able to bring greater certainty to the thousands of families which rely on the thousands of businesses in the channel. As more do adopt the industry standard tools we offer, the benefits will grow even further.

Tower Systems is proud to be a partner of the Australian Gift and Homewares Association.

Wholesaler software enhancements move to beta release


Wholesale facilities in our software have moved to beta release this week.  The latest changes include better reporting facilities for more thoroughly managing wholesale customer reports.

We are working closely with our wholesaler customers on these latest changes.

While still based on our core Point of Sale software, the wholesale facilities enable our software to be of use in the broader supplier marketplace with ease.  This is especially valuable where the wholesaler serves retailers using our software.

Our work with wholesalers is especially valuable in the gift and homewares channels where we are the preferred IT partner of the Australian Gift and Homewares Association.