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Produce stores including farm produce stores, stock feed businesses, equine supply businesses and other businesses supplying pet and produce supplies are embracing the Tower Systems Produce Software to get a better handle on many aspects of business management.

With so much work being undertaken away from the business base, using software that enables easy tracking while on the road is important, just as tracking requirements by customers for bulk through to single pack shipments.

Being able to bring product in by bulk and breaking this down to saleable and deliverable packs is important as produce stores sell to a variety of situations. The Tower software has proven usability in this area of handling multiple pack sizes and easily enabling service of this and other produce business specific requirements.

Better still, enabling a seamless link between the Tower Systems Produce Store Software and e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify provides produce businesses with mechanisms for reaching a broader community of shoppers without the usual old-school business overhead. This is particularly useful for produce businesses serving customers who may live in the city and be on the farm on the weekend.

There is a certain type of shopper keen for transacting business online. Tower Systems makes it easy for those businesses to connect with the online shopper while at the same time providing tools for serving the needs of the offline shopper, the shopper who prefers personal service. This flexibility in entry points to the business through the software make doing business easy and help produce stores to win more sales from more types of shoppers.

Our work in the pet retail space with our Pet Shop Software has leveraged us into the produce store space and the result is good for both retail channels thanks to our approach to business specialisation.

Customer accounts, scale integration, hamper facilities, integrated EFTPOS and more enable produce business owners to offer state of the art tools in their businesses to improve customer service and business efficiency.

Produce businesses can rely on the Tower Systems software enhancement program to deliver more comprehensive tools as the needs of the marketplace evolve. Tower engages with customers in their businesses to ensure the software evolves to meet their evolving needs.

To see the latest Produce Business Software, talk with a local Tower Systems expert: Contact: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

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