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Ideal POS software for Australian fishing and outdoors shops


How we can help more Nicks fall in love with your business.

Nick is an avid recreational fisherman. Every couple of weeks he is out pursuing his passion. He loves to try new locations. This weekend Nick is in your shop, in the need of bait, hooks and tackle.

Back in the car, checking his receipt, he notices the local fishing advice you include, especially the note about your own favourite local location. He also notices the $3.50 off any purchase in the next 28 days. That is enough to get him out of his SUV and back into the shop for a chat and another purchase.

At work on Monday, he tells his mates about the experience, about the local advice and about the money he saved. A couple of weekends later, he tells  people he shares a campfire with at another fishing hole about your shop and the experience.

A month later, Nick smiled when he read your email with news of local catches, technique advice and the fishing event you are sponsoring. He shot back a quick response saying he will be there with a couple of mates.

Fishing and outdoors businesses are unique. They need unique software. Everyday Point of Sale software will not maximise your specialisation.

Using our software developed specifically for Australian Fishing and Outdoor businesses, you can leverage what is unique about your type of business.

Here are three of the ways you can use our specialty software to leverage specialisation. Today, you might sell a rod, reel and other items as single items. Using our software, you can package these into a combo pack. This has benefits:

  1. Shoppers perceive a combo pack as a good deal. Also, it is harder for them to price compare.
  2. Someone purchasing a pack may purchase more items than intended.
  3. You can create and undo packs at will, maintaining accurate stock data.

An asset of your business is that you are a local expert on fishing. You can promote your expert local knowledge through local notes on receipts.

Automatically, receipts can include information about local fishing conditions and local opportunities. This free information pitches your business as different to an online shop or a big business that is less focussed on personal service.

Another way we can help maximise sales is with an instant loyalty reward. This is particularly useful where you see shoppers once a year or quite infrequently.

Using rules that you control, a receipt can include a voucher offering a specific amount off the next purchase if that purchase is made in a timeframe you set.

An average 19% redemption rate for the vouchers with a third redeemed the day of purchase. Male shoppers are far more likely to redeem the day of purchase.

Our Fishing and Outdoor Shop Software also offers:

  1. Catalogue management – managing seasonal deals that you promote.
  2. Repairs management – if you offer repair service.
  3. Club discounts, where members of a local club loyal to you save money.
  4. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  5. Linking to a website for online sales.
  6. The ability to sell items by colour, size and style.
  7. Handling special orders, where you order items in for a specific customer.
  8. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  9. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points and / or cash off their next purchase.

See the software live. Contact us for an obligation free demonstration: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

This software is affordable. You can purchase it outright, lease it or rent it.

Supported by humans, in Australia. Our help desk is in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Training is personal. We come to your business and train you in the software.

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