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We help POS Solutions software customers switch to Tower Systems


Tower Systems continues to help small business retailers switch from the POS Solutions software to Tower Systems. We do this by request, through a structured approach, based on already helping hundreds of POS Solutions users to make the switch over the years.

We facilitate the switch from POS Solutions for those who want to make the change to the Tower Systems POS software through:

  1. Personal unlimited training as you learn and long after this.
  2. Data conversion.
  3. On site personal installation of the software.
  4. An audit of your hardware to make sure it is of current standard rather than out of date.
  5. Easy access to wonderful plain English documentation that answers queries and helps people make progress through learning.
  6. Help with system setup to leverage the differences in the Tower POS software to help you make the most of this software in comparison to what you are used to.
  7. Easy access to our business integration experts who can help you get the most out of your POS software from a  retail experience perspective.
  8. Access to tested, proven and structures POS software dates.

In offering these services and support access points we are not saying POS Solutions offers defective software or support. It is not for us to say. It is for retailers to determine for themselves based on their experience.

What we can say is that the road of switching from POS Solutions to Tower Systems has been trodden by hundreds of business owners. Some are on that path today. We are here to help, to guide those making the switch, to help them be happy to be with us and to ensure they get value for their investment with our company, fort which we are most grateful.

There is no doubt there is strength in numbers. In a newsagency software sense, strength is represented through:

  1. Our customer base ensures we are here and will be here when you need support.
  2. Up to date.Our customers vote on changes they want to the software. Enhancements are regular. Software value improves over time.
  3. Business help.Beyond the software, we help uncover and reduce theft, as well as advice and support streamlining processes.
  4. We own and operate newsagency businesses ourselves. We walk in your shoes every day and this makes a real difference.
  5. We meet all industry and supplier standards in retail and home delivery.
  6. Personal support.Beyond the software, we will help you in any way we can, to the best of our ability.

Call to find out more: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

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