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POS connected Shopify site helps drive pre-orders and lock in revenue


Tower Systems is proud to have helped deliver excellent Christmas ornaments orders for the website.

This POS software connected Shopify site is one of many created by the company for retailers, to help them achieve terrific online revenue.

What makes the My ornaments off interesting is the handling of pre orders two months prior to good arriving in Australia. This enabled the business to book  substantial revenue and bank payment months ahead of the goods being shipped and even longer ahead of goods being paid for.

This business model of prepayment of purchases, in a pre order situation, is valuable to any retailer keen to evolve their model and achieve cash flow benefits for what will be highly sought after items with limited release numbers.

Managing this through POS software connected Shopify helps the business maximise cash management and streamline packing and shipping once the goods arrive.

The seamless link between Shopify and the Tower Systems POS software helps save time, reduce mistakes, streamline business operations and discover new shoppers. Indeed, it is the reaching of new shoppers not within the local pool of shoppers for the business where the Shopify integration becomes really valuable in that a business shipping to another state helps expand the shopper reach.

As a Shopify partner, Tower Systems is positioned to deliver to indie retailers wonderful Shopify connected POS software solutions, helping these retailers leverage in-store and online for maximum benefit.

This pre order solution helps retailers sell what they do not have but will have once stock arrives. This is a smart solution that is good for nimble and flexible small business retailers.

Here is part of what we deliver to our POS software connected Shopify customers:

  1. A pre-development over the phone Q&A meeting.
  2. Shopify link. This is a facility in the Retailer software to link with Shopify.
  3. Live Shopify site as per the facilities and functionality outlined in this document – see below, including pre development consultation.
  4. Up to 2 hours of hand-over training.
  5. Three months of phone-based assistance (but not software changes) following delivery.
  6. A comprehensive handover document that provides support, written training and guidance on your next steps. This is the same for all our Shopify site customers. i.e. it is not document written especially for you.

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