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Tower Systems helps small business retailers access rent relief and JobKeeper


We are grateful to be helping many Australian small business retailers access the JobKeeper support package released by the Australian government as well as practical and appreciated rent relief from retail tenancy landlords.

Through our POS software we report on business performance in a consistent and safe way that authorities can trust. We deliver to our retail business partners access to reports that can be audited if need be, proven to offer accurate and unadulterated data on which the tax office, other government departments and landlords can make decisions.

As was proven in the 1990s and the early 2000, the data managed by our software is safe, secure and tamper proof. We do not provide retailers with a back door through which they can manipulate data to serve a narrative they prefer, which may differ from the truth. We are grateful to the ATO for the work we did with them on this during a fraud investigation of another. As tech advisors we helped and gained a terrific insight.

Our retailers can trust that through our software we report safe and good data that can be used to provide evidence for JobKeeper, through accurate BAS preparation, and thereby tap into rent relief options thanks to the national cabinet code of conduct agreed over a week ago.

We work with our retailers on these fronts, to help them achieve the outcomes that are financially key to their businesses on these fronts. We are doing this while doing what is traditional for our POS software co: making good software, supporting it, selling it to new businesses, delivering training and offering business level help to any customer who asks.

We understand the test requirements for JobKeeper and that accurate BAS data is key. Our POS software is POS software that authorities can trust and because of this small business retailers can trust. being a local Australian PSOs foetar4e company developing and supporting local Australian software we are geared to help right now when it is needed most -0 accurate reporting to Australian standards is critical.

This is our help for small business retailers. It is real and made for these times. Shonky POS software businesses have no place in business today. Sadly, there are some still around.

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