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Free online POS software workshops for small business retailers this week


We are grateful to all those participating with us in our online workshop program. Here are two0 sessions scheduled for this week. We have a couple of more secret sessions too.

Online workshop: SEO & SEM.
How to guide online shoppers to find your website. This interactive workshop will explore SEO and SEM, explain them and show you what to do to make your website more easily found. We will also look at what people look for that gets them to websites that may compete with your plans.

Time: May 19, 2020 10:30 AM Melbourne time
Meeting ID: 949 1336 9113 Password: 344536

How to take your newsagency online
We will explore what to sell online, how to sell online, why it matters and go under the hood and look at what people are looking for right now.
Time: May 19, 2020 09:00 AM Melbourne time.
Meeting ID: 939 2859 7710 Password: 778081

Online workshop: Loyalty marketing using Retailer.
Now is a perfect time to refresh your approach to shopper loyalty, to maximise the opportunity with one-time and regular customers. In this workshop, we will show you several loyalty options in Retailer and explain how they can drive a deeper basket and a sooner return by shoppers. Plus, we will answer all of your questions.

Time: May 18, 2020 10:30 AM Melbourne time.
Meeting ID: 948 2973 6147 Password: 502630


Yes, we understand that competitors could join in. We’re happy if they do as we welcome opportunities to help others help small business retailers be more successful.


Our online POS software workshops are genuinely interactive. We present material at the start and are then guided by questions and comments as to where the session goes. This way we all learn and explore together. It’s a terrific experience that benefits all engaged.

We are also happy for people to sit and say nothing, just watching and listening and learning about out POS software.

We record the sessions too and make them available to customers who cannot attend. This usually expands the reach of the material five and ten fold, which is excellent as it expands the learning community opportunity.


In addition to these group workshops, we provide on-going one on one training opportunities for our customers, helping them to learn about our POS software  in a way that suits their specific business needs.

Learning is wonderful. It is calming as you get to exert more control over your business too.

Everyone is welcome.

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