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Fishing bait and tackle business POS software


Local fishing, bait and tackle businesses are benefiting from the Tower Systems Aussie developed and supported fishing, bait and tackle POS software.

From easy selling in-store to leveraging local knowledge to easily selling online to offering produce use and care support, the Tower Systems fishing, bait and tackle POS software offers a whole of business solution from inventory management, to shopper loyalty encouragement to payment management to business performance forecasting, this software is made for the job, made to help local family small business retailers run mire successful and enjoyable businesses.

In small and mid-size businesses, this fishing, bait and tackle POS software serves in niche areas to. For example, in managing bundles like rod, reel and hook packages and in managing the repairs process from tracking when repairs come into the business to when they are undertaken and charged accurately.

Fishing and outdoor businesses are specialty businesses with specialty software needs and that is where our fishing, bait and tackle POS software serves the needs. This is why regular POS software is not p to the task, not offering the specialty facilities that can help the business leverage their unique skills and products to better compete with mass and other retailers.

The Tower Systems fishing, bait and tackle POS software is made for these specialty businesses, and it evolves as the needs of these businesses evolve thank to a transparent and democratic software enhancement suggestion process.

Here are some of the top benefits offered through our fishing, bait and tackle business POS software:

  • Leverage you and your team. What you know is a differentiator for your business. Leverage this. Include local fishing information on receipts with consistency and automatically.
  • Sell accurately by measure – by whole numbers or
  • Easily sell by weight.
  • Sell by bundles / packs – Sell a rod / reel / line bundle easily. This makes it harder to price compare. It pitches you as offering value.
  • Unpack bundles – You can take bundles and packs purchased from a supplier and break them down to single products, maximising return.
  • Repairs & Job Tracking – Manage repairs, track progress in house or with third parties and notify customers by text when items are ready.
  • Stock Notes – Easily add care as well as local use instructions to any receipt, based on the product purchased.
  • Catalogue Management– run promotions through the system for automatic pricing (ie multi-buys and catalogue items) (buy any 3 lures for $10 or further discounts when purchasing bigger qty’s of bait).

We are grateful to the support and encouragement from our community of fishing and outdoor businesses. They are key to the success we enjoy.

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