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Alternatives to Afterpay that small business retailers love


Through our Tower Systems POS software small business retailers have access to two buy now pay later platforms that they love.

Humm, which is part of the Flexirent group and ZipPay / ZipMoney that are part of the broader Zip platform. These two buy now pay later offerings are integrated with our POS software and retailers love them. Both are viable alternatives to Afterpay.

Sure, Afterpay has brand recognition. However, Afterpay has a cost to retailers, which can fall as a cost to consumers, that is higher than the cost of Humm and ZipPay for retailers.

The lower the cost of the buy now pay later platforms the better it is for a retail business.

Afterpay works fine. Shoppers love it. Humm and ZipPay work fine too and shoppers using them love them too.

Thanks to smart POS software integration, Humm and ZipPay offer good and viable solutions for over the counter retailers looking to replace the old-school LayBy with something that works better for them and their customers.

We have experience integrating with Afterpay and feel no ill toward the company. The purpose of this blog post is to note for retailers that there are alternatives that offer similar services, that help shoppers make purchases today that otherwise might be delayed and could leak to other retailers.

On our own retail business websites we offer solutions across Afterpay, Humm and ZipPay. That’s right, all three are available and in serving of customers based on their own preferences. We have the experience and accounting data through which we can determine the viability for the business of Afterpay and its costs versus those of Humm and ZipPay.

Like anything in business, do your homework, determine what works best for you and for your customers.

Buy now pay later is a boon for shoppers and retailers, helping drive purchases at a time when retailers are keen for these. The integration brings to life another payment method that is easy to transact at the counter and useful for a local business in service of its local community.

Replacing LayBy is something small business retailers have loved about the buy now pay later movement. We are glad to be part of this.

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