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Camping and outdoors retailer POS software helps local businesses


The Camping and Outdoors retail business POS software from Tower Systems is another example of locally made POS software serving specialty local retail needs.

Camping and outdoors businesses have unique needs in their service of folks who enjoy camping and the outdoors life. Our POS software is fine tuned to help these businesses serve local needs and add value to the shopping experience by consistently sharing local knowledge.

Using  this POS software, camping and outdoors businesses are able to track sales, reward regular shoppers, encourage one time only shoppers and connect with suppliers in ways that benefit the local campaign and outdoors business.

Let’s look at how we help in the one time only shopper situation. Thanks to smart and differentiating loyalty tools, using our software you are more likely to encourage / guide / reward these shoppers to spend more in their one time only visit with the camping and outdoors business.

We have seen this plenty fo times in retail. A one time only shopper visiting for a specific need and walking out buying 2, 3 and 4 times more than they intended … because the smart loyalty tools open them to that opportunity.

From a customer service perspective, this smart POS software offers campaign and outdoors businesses opportunities to share product care and product use information that isn unique to those businesses. This is an opportunity for the business to differentiate and that equates to commercially valuable branding. This is about leveraging intellectual property for the value of the business and in service of customers.

Tracking sales by time, day, employee, supplier and more, camping and outdoors businesses can better understand what is working in the business and where there are opportunities for improvement. This can be great news, especially in a seasonal business that relies on excellent customer service to maximise each customer visit opportunity.

Tower Systems interest the camping and outdoors business opportunity having served in the fishing bait and tackle marketplace. It was a natural progression for us to serve campaign and outdoors businesses. We are grateful for the lead in and the experience it provided.

We are a specialist POS software company making, selling and supporting POS software for specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand. We serve thousands of small business retailers with more join ing our community each week.

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