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How Tower Systems connected its POS software with Magento to help more than 130 independent retailers to sell Beanie Boos online


Four years ago, Tower Systems developed the Beanie Boos Australia website using the Magento platform, connecting more than 130 retailers using its POS software with online sales of the cute and adorable Beanie Boos.

It was ground breaking, connecting 130+ independently owned shops and their local business POS software with the Magento site, offering the largest collection and range of Beanie Boos in Australia.

The sales have been excellent, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The back end of the website, using intellectual property developed by Tower Systems,s, serves customers first, allowing them to purchase what they want. The site tech ology places the order with the closest businesses that can fulfil. This can be one store or many, depending on what has been put into the basket.

The Beanie Boo website serves individual customers as well as community groups, schools and more as people want to connect with cute Beanie Boos and share the joy and happiness that they spread.

Allowing shoppers to shop by product name, product birthday and more, the Beanie Boo website serves up to date information that helps Boo collectors and lovers of cuddly plush to buy for birthdays, graduation and other celebrations.

The Beanie Boo website and its connection with the local store tower Systems POS software is a perfect technology and business marriage, delivering to these independent retail businesses sales they might otherwise not have achieved. Many sales are transacted when stores are closed and more than 75% are to shoppers who live hours and more away from the fulfilling ship location.

Tower Systems pioneered multistage magenta POS software integration and has delivered a wonderful commercial benefit that has been sustained for many years now.

The website continues to evolve as does the Tower Systems POS software. each is competitive in their fields and combined they are formidable force for the software company, the retailers locally and the enbwsXpress marketing group that overall administers the Beanie Boo website.

Magento, now from Adobe, continues to deliver an robust and capable tech. platform. It is one of several web platforms that Tower Systems works with and integrated its specialty retail Point of Sale software with. Our relationship with Magento goes back many years, for which we are grateful.

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