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5 things any small business retailer can do to today increase the value of their business.


We are not your usual POS software company. The advice in this email is an example of advice we provide beyond what’s usual for a POS software co. Here are practical ways we help small business retailers…

5 things any retailer can do to today increase the value of their business.

  1. Quit dead stock. This topic is considered by many to be a snooze. In our POS software we make it easy to identify dead stock. Helping one business, they thought they had around $5,000 in dead stock. We listed for them the $17,500 in dead stock. They were shocked and acted immediately, freeing cash and space for innovation.
  2. Cut the cost of theft. Cutting theft starts with detecting it. In a hidden part of our software we have tracking tools that let you see what is not obvious. We have worked with police and prosecutors on employee theft cases. Business owners can access these tools too.
  3. Offer real loyalty rewards. While many retailers jumped on the points bandwagon, supermarkets and others ruined them for everyone. One of our customers implemented this advice and added $15,000 in gross profit in the first year for no capital investment. Our discount vouchers (you can call them whatever you like) change the conversation, they actively drive shopper visits and purchases. You can bank on the results. Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Customer engagement can be immediate.
  4. Sell you. Often in specialty retail businesses it is your knowledge that separates you from others. You can encode that in your POS software, for products, so that your advice is provided to customers when they purchase. Your knowledge can bring people back to your business.
  5. Cut overheads. Every activity eliminated can save time and cut mistakes.
    1. Electronic invoices from suppliers can be loaded in seconds.
    2. Linking to Xero eliminates bookkeeping activity and provides faster access to an accurate P&L.
    3. Linking to Shopify or your website cuts double handling of data.
    4. Integrated EFTPOS customers mistakes.
    5. Sell anywhere improves efficiency.

Small steps matter.

The most sustained success in small business retail is the many small steps you can take that combine to provide for valuable sustained success.

The five suggestions in this email are small steps, low cost steps, they can be a valuable foundation for making a business more valuable.

Beyond these 5, there are many more benefits for small business retailers using the Tower Systems  specialty POS software for speciality retailers.

Our software is made locally for local retailers.

See our software live.

See all this and more in an obligation-free demonstration via video link. Email us at

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