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Bookshop POS software helps local book shops drive sales


The Bookshop POS software from Tower Systems is made in Australia for Australian bookshops. It brings to live smart and engaging features that help bookshops serve local in-store and online shoppers.

Using this software for bookshops, book retailers can offer best of breed loyalty tools, integrate with safe and secure EFTPOS, integrate with Xero or link to MYOB and some Quicken versions … all wonderful time savers for the business.

As bookshop POS software, this software from Tower Systems also offers an integration with Pacstream as well as a link with Title page, each of which offer data and time saving options targeted for booksellers. These connections are part of what helps make the Tower Systems POS software a specialty POS software solution for book retailers.

Our commitment is to maintain best practice links for Pacstream and Title Page, to ensure these links are genuinely helpful and useful in helping to drive the efficiency of store management.

Special orders are a key need experienced by booksellers. Embedded in the bookshop POS software by Tower Systems are beautiful special order facilities that facilitate capturing the order, tracking this and then advising the customer that the order is in-store and available for pickup. This is all done with a focus on data accuracy, time saving and customer service.

Customer marketing is also key for booksellers in that they can benefit from niche marketing to shoppers based open past purchases, especially where they connect to special interest topics. The Tower Systems bookshop POS software has a range of marketing tools that help in this process.

Thorough customer receipts. Booksellers like to have detail on their receipts. In our Tower Systems bookshop POS software booksellers have plenty of control over the look and feel of the receipts. This helps these retailers represent their business and brand as they wish.

Bringing shoppers back. In sales basket data we can see that folks buying books often shop in the sale place, indicating it is easy to bring them back, if you pull the right levers. In the Tower Systems bookshop POS software there are wonderful levers booksellers can use to entice shoppers back. In our software is a unique and proven loyalty related tool that does appeal to local shoppers.

Embedded in our bookshop software are other tools that booksellers tell us they like, tools such:

  • Easy searching of book inventory by title or part of a title.
  • Easy searching by book inventory by author name or part of author name.
  • Tracking stock returns.
  • Pacstream integration.
  • Title Page link.
  • Structured handling fo special orders of books.
  • Website integration for online sales. We integrate with Shopify, magenta and WooCommerce.

Our customer service is provided by us and is accessible 24/7. This matters as you know the support is coming from the company that developed the POS software.

Our bookshop POS software development is done by us. This matters as we are not relying on another company to develop our POS software for us.

We’d love to show our our bookshop software. We can arrange a personal demonstration where we show any function you’d like to see and answer every question you have. ┬áreach out at and one of our bookshop software experts will get back to you.

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