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POS software integrated with TheLott from Tabcorp making selling lottery tickets easier and more accurate for small business retailers


Lottery retailers are excited for the integration between the Tower Systems POS software and lottery ticket sales using terminals from Tabcorp’s TheLott. With this proven integration, retailers benefit from reduced keystrokes, thus improving data accuracy and business outcomes.

Having passed comprehensive acceptance testing ages ago and proving the genuine business value of the integration, Tower Systems is grateful to help lottery retailers with this POS software integration and to do so at no cost to lottery retailers.

This is a good news small business retail story, delivering good outcomes for lottery retailers in jurisdictions where TheLott operates the local over the counter lottery product sales through retailers like newsagents and others.

Already serving close to 1,800 retailers in this space, Tower Systems is well established serving lottery retailers and newsagents with its POS software. bringing lottery sales / POS software integration to life adds value to these relationships. It helps these businesses in terms of counter workflow, sales achievement and overall business data integrity. This is good news all round.

We are grateful to have made a contribution to delivering this solution to small business retailers as part of our structured POS software enhancement program, delivering commercial outcomes for retailers, especially small business retailers.

Following standards set by Tabcorp, the Tower Systems POS software development team delivered a POS software integrated solution that cuts keystrokes and delivers a fresh in-store lottery customer experience. This helps small business retailers to better understand the broader value of lottery product shoppers and to do this without undertaking additional management or data collection work. The data curated through the integration will help engaged small business retailers to further drive outcomes for their business.

Tower Systems has a track record of delivering sound integrations for retailers using its POS software. We work with suppliers and retailers to deliver outcomes that serve all parties to transactions and to do this in a technically professional way, without losing site on small business retailers being our customers and the most important people at the table on projects like this.

Newsagents and lottery retailers using the Tower Systems POS software have access to this new integration, along with all other integrations, through the Tower Systems enhancement and update program.

Every day, this POS software evolves to be of more service to small business retailers.

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