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Shop small, shop local – how Tower Systems helps small business retailers


Here at Tower Systems we believe in shop small. We love small business and small business retailers in particular. This is what shop small is about – supporting local small businesses.

Shop small matters because small businesses are more likely to support local communities. This is what we see in communities across the country where local shops are fast to offer support for community groups.

Shop small and the local community benefits. That’s it in a nutshell.

Through our POS software we help small business retailers to leverage the shop small and shop local opportunities … everyday through the POS software and levers that are available in the POS software.

Using marketing tools, customer communication tools and more our POS software helps small business retailers to demonstrate how shop small works. We offer multiple communication platforms through our POS software, through which small business retailers can pitch and reinforce their shop local messages. We also help small business retailers to go beyond telling and to actually show – you know … like show, don’t tell. We help small business retailers differentiations titan in their shop local messaging, to demonstrate in real terms their local community connection.

We love shop local campaigns because they absolutely do focus attention on the value for the community of shopping local. They bring to live the benefits for local community groups and local folks to be gained from supporting local businesses. This is what shop small shop local is about – the very circular nature of local communities.

The more community groups and their members shop small shop local the more those local businesses that benefit can support the groups.

Here are the benefits to shoppers who engage with shop small, shop local:

  • Local jobs, which benefit the local community more broadly.
  • Local makers, boosting local creativity.
  • Local community groups, they depend on locals for support and they support locals.
  • Save time.
  • Save money on travel.
  • Make the community better.
  • Nurture local happiness.
  • Make were you live a better place.

Shop small, shop local is about these things and more. It reaches beyond commerce and into the come and into community groups to make the whole local community better. It really can make a difference to living locally. This is where local small businesses can make a measurable difference.

We are grateful to help small business retailers engage with shop small, shop local.

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