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Scale integrated POS software helps local retailers sell by weight easily and accurately


The federal government tested and approved POS software scale integration from Tower Systems is used by feed shops, produce businesses, pet shops, butchers, garden centres and more. Indeed, any retailer selling products that are weighed and sold by weight can love the scale integration solution from Tower Systems.

This is smart software, enabling easy selling of items by weight.

The POS software scale integration by Tower Systems was completed years ago and has been reviewed regularly since to ensure it meets current standards.

The POS software scale integration from Tower Systems makes sense for these businesses. It’s smart for the business, smart for the customer and smart for the suppliers of products to the business. Data accuracy is key these days and scale integration facilitates data accuracy.

We have plenty of local independent retail business using our POS software scale integration tools to sell easily, accurately and seamlessly, through their scale integrated POS software.

The authorised and government approved integration of scales with the Tower Systems POS software enables us to deliver a beautiful solution to small business and independent retailers in many situations.

Our Tower Systems POS software talks with the scales, reducing the opportunity for data entry mistakes, making the sales process faster and delivering business outcomes that enable small business retailers to benefit.

Any retail business selling products by weight can rely on our scales integration for fast and accurate selling at the counter or anywhere in this business.

We work with our POS software customers to deliver a solution tailored through settings and other opportunities to serve the needs of the business. Our experience over the years from our extensive work on POS software scale integration has enabled us to provide a flexible and valued solution to our customers in this area.

Using the POS software scale integration, retailers can benefit from accurate stock on hand data, easier sales counter work flow, better business decisions and more. The benefits are considerable. The business can also be seen as more professional through scale integration with POS software.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,500 small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand. We are grateful everyday to our customers for their support.

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