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POS software helps local small business retailers embrace Christmas


Christmas is the most important season for retailers, especially local high street small business retailers.

Using our POS software, retailers can leverage Christmas for maximum opportunity. How? … you may ask. Okay, using our POS software, here’s how small business retailers are able to embrace Christmas and make the most of the opportunity this year and beyond:

Price differentiation is easy in our software since retailers can bundle items and create their own, unique to their business, packs. You decide what is in the packs, their price and other details relating to sales.

Up-selling is systemised thanks to better workflow, sales prompts and additional information in-store as well as online through which the business can maximise the sale basket value,. Our POS software brings structure to the opportunity.

Bringing them back is a key focus through the POS software with tools serves as part of each sale that are designed to encourage and cajole the shopper back in-store to find other products,. That this can be done in a systemised and automated way makes it a no-brainer move in retail.

Rewarding good purchases is something you can do with software that tracks value and kicks in a reward when a value trigger is reached. This being done behind the scenes in a systemised way is valuable in any retail business but especially in local small business retail where there is tough competition.

Adding you to personalise the opportunity. Embedded in our small business POS software are tools you can use for adding valuable information to each sale, the information and knowledge that can differentiate your business and thereby establish a deeper shopper connection.

These are just some of the ways retailers can differentiate and add value to make Christmas for successful for them. In each case, the POS software from Tower Systems enables engagement with minimal labour cost and minimal capital investment. These are key factors for retailers to maximise the opportunities in their businesses, to make Christmas a more successful this season and trough the trading year that follows.

We see Christmas not only for what it brings in the lead up, but, too, in terms of what you can achieve after Christmas, through the next year, when new Christmas shoppers may come back into the business based on what you did or offered.

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