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Aussies embracing Australian made when shopping locally, to help the local community


It has been great to see the renewed interest in shopping locally, especially in sourcing locally made products. So many of our small business retail POS software customers have shared with us stories of shoppers specifically seeking out locally made products.

Stories of support for locally made products warm the soul.  

Local makes are grateful for this support. We have spoken to plenty – local soap makers, local artists, local scent makers, local craftspeople, local pointers, local plant farms, local card makers … they are all loving the stronger support for locally made that we have seen in recent months.

We share the delight of local makers and excitement for what this may mean for 2021.

Buying locally made is good for the community in which those making the locally made products live, the communities in which they spend their money.

Tower Systems is a local POS software company.

We live and work locally, in communities in Australia and New Zealand. You can’t get more local than that when developing POS software for specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

We love helping local retailers to support local makers and shopping locally through smart tools and facilities in our local made POS software. Integrated in our software are opportunities for local retailers to pitch local products, to demonstrate their own local credentials and to shine a light on what being local is all about … and through these things to separate their business from non locally owned and operated alternatives.

This all matters in today’s retail world of heightened awareness of shopping locally and supporting local makers. We are proud to help our retail partners to do this in our POS software, to do it easily, consistently and with commercial outcomes in focus.

With the world disrupted politically, economically and health wise, shopping local matters more today than in recent times. However, telling people, to shop local is not enough. We need to be smart, actively engaged and supporting of the shopper and local makers, serving their diverse needs. This is where our POS software can help with the encouragement and the storytelling.

If you own a local retail business that relies on people to shop locally, consider our locally made POS software. We’d love to show it to you.

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