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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

More retailers engaged in cashless welfare card trial backed by the Australian government


Tower Systems has been engaged in the cashless welfare card project since its inception. We have done this in service of the small business retailers in our POS software community who serve customers locally who are likely to need to use the federal government backed card.

We have met all the required technical design and software development standards, passed proof of concept and rolled out access to retailers who have been early adopters.

Our focus has been on the service of our retail business owner customers, offering them support for a federal government backed payment platform that they think will be of value in their local communities. We have seen this through the proof of concept and trial phases of the project. Indeed, it has been fascinating to be actively involved through these early phases.

This is our approach on most integration opportunities – provide our POS software community customers the connections they want so they can make decisions themselves as to what they use.

Our work on the federal government cashless card project has been long-term, confidential and technically fascinating as we have brought to local independent small business retailers facilities that enable them to compete with much bigger, national often, businesses that are offering access to the card through their systems.

Interestingly, our work on this project has opened other opportunities of value for our retailer community members.

Since we make our own POS software, we have the ability to engage with projects like this at a code level. We are not reliant on other parties to do the work, we do it ourselves.

Tower Systems has developed myriad integrations with external platforms for retailers, groups of retailers and specific retail channels. Each integration is approached in a fresh way, based on the retailer needs, understanding the needs of other parties and working through how best to deliver on the needs expressed through the thorough research process.

As a local POS software company that focusses only on the needs of local small business retailers, we are grateful for every opportunity that supports the commercial viability of these local retail businesses as they are the lifeblood of local communities.

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