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Accounting software for small business retailers


When it comes to accounting software, Tower Systems has experience as a software company and through years of direct small business retail experience. This experience includes direct experience with MYOB, Quicken and Xero for accounting software.

While our POS software offers connectivity through to Quicken, MYOB and Xero, it is the Xero integration that is the deepest and most useful. We use Xero ourselves in-house. When it comes to Xero accounting software, our advice is personal.

Our POS software and Xero together provide a useful and appreciated accounting software solution to many small business retailers.

Our accounting software Xero integration is one of many approved integrations provided by the software to serve the needs of retailers. Other integrations include:

  • Tyro broadband EFTPOS.
  • Linkly integration for major banks EFTPOS.
  • Magento e-commerce. Magento is an excellent platform for website sales for small to medium businesses.
  • Shopify e-commerce. Shopify is an excellent entry-level solution for small to medium businesses.
  • FlyBys in New Zealand.
  • Transactor loyalty in New Zealand.
  • Scale integration for selling by weight.
  • Epay for vending phone recharge, fishing licences and more.
  • Plus, many supplier integrations through EDI.

The most effective ways small business retailers can compete with big businesses and online is through efficient operation, accurate data and customer service touch-points that add appreciated value. This includes fit for purpose accounting software, tailored to the needs of the retail channel in which a business operates.

We believe in small businesses, their importance to local communities and their broader economic value.

Through our software, our personal  training, 24/7 human and locally based help desk service, regional user meetings, weekly online workshops and other touch-points we help small business retailers beyond what is usual for POS software companies.

Critical to all of this is the help offered from the Tower Systems customer service team. This includes providing advice on connectivity between our POS software and accounting software, helping our customers to ensure linkages are right, feeding data to the correct location within the accounts managed by the accounting software. Getting this right is key to calm and happy use of both the POS software and the accounting software.

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